Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Camera

We got a new camera!:

We are so excited to learn how to use it and hopefully take some great pictures.  While we are learning to become photographers, I thought I'd show off some practice pictures of none other than our adorable dogs :o)

Morneau sitting on the couch, isn't he cute? (I may be a little bias...)

Deuce giving us the "I don't want my picture taken" face:

And giving a little more:

His adorable face is how he gets away with so much...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well hello there...

Hmmm..so the post below this said I would be back in February. Is it still February? No? It's June?....ummm oops.  But, better late than never right?! So here I am!

I know I have a few old posts, but since there has been an over-a-year hiatus, I would like to use this "first" post to introduce myself. 

.a little about me.

I've been married to my sweet husband, Brad, for about 3 1/2 years.  We were married on October 25, 2008.  He is a wonderful, hard-working, goofy guy who I'm lucky enough to call my best friend and husband.

(On our wedding day, we look so young!)

For now, our only kids are our two dogs, Deuce and Morneau, a Boston Terrier and Miniature Pinscher.  Love those boys, aren't they cute?! :o)

I was born and raised, and still reside in Minnesota.  However, I think I was actually meant to live on the ocean.  I like to think living on the ocean would make it less special than it seems when I only get to go every few years.  (Or I just tell myself that to make me feel better about not living on the ocean). 

Speaking of Minnesota, I am a huge Minnesota Twins fan.  (Justin Morneau is the first baseman for the Twins and I'm sure he'd be honored to know I named my dog after him ;o) I love going to games and watch as many as I can on TV.  I also enjoying spending time at my parents' cabin, spending time with family, fishing, hiking, biking, and of course being crafty and working on our home. Brad and I love to travel as well. A few more of my favorites: Diet Mountain Dew, country music, watermelon, sunshine, and summertime.

I work full-time for a chain of hardware stores.  Perfect for a DIYer huh? In fact, my father-in-law owns most of the company, with my husband being part owner.  Ultimately, my husband will be running the show.  As for me, I do mostly administrative work for the buyer.  Unfortunetly, I do not overly enjoy working in an office all day, so that leads us to what's next...why I'm here.  I need a creative outlet after working all day!

.why I'm here.

When I was younger, I used to write all the time.  I loved writing. In middle school my best friend and I would write what was affectionately called 'fan fiction.'  These were stories we wrote about our favorite band, Hanson.  (Most stories ended with our preferred brother falling madly in love with us and we all lived happily ever after).  Did anyone else used to read this fan fiction?  There were websites all over where all of crazy us Hanson fans would share our stories.  I had notebook after notebook filled with them. 

After I got a little older and realized I wasn't going to marry Taylor Hanson, I filled journals with the pleasant thoughts of a teenage girl.  Again, I had journal after journal filled.  I took every creative writing class they had in high school and took as many as I could in college as well.  Now that I've been living in the real world for a few years, I never write.  And I think it's time I started again.  While I'm no longer writing teenage love stories, I think writing in a blog will be just as fun and a good way to let out my creativity.

I've been following DIY/craft/home blogs for about two years now.  I love looking at all the beautiful homes and projects of all of the wonderful women in the blog world.  They have been my inspiration and I think it's time for me to contribute to this world.  That being said, my house looks nothing like all the pretty one I see online!  I work full-time and seems I never have the time to make my house into a beautiful home. But....I'm starting to feel that is just an excuse.  Sure, many of the blogs I most envy are created by women who are able to stay home with their kids.  But they are still busy caring for their family and some of the others also work full-time.  I have ran out of excuses! I want this blog to not only inspire and motivate you, but to motivate me and make me accountable for things I want to do. 

So there is my purpose for This Too! That: to continue writing, get out some creativity, and to hold myself accountable for making a beautiful home for me, my husband, and our future family. 

I'm psyched to join this online community and can not wait to see all that it brings!

Friday, January 13, 2012

This Too! That..

...is coming back soon! Check back in February for new posts!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ballet Ornament

I made these ballet slippers for a different project, but decided I liked them as an ornament for my tree instead.  I cut the shape out of pink felt and sewed on a smaller shape of white felt.  I hand sewed it all together with thread. They make a nice addition to our tree!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Happens at the Cabin...

Stays at the Cabin!

My mom brings a few of her good friends to my parent's cabin for a week every summer. I've never gone, so I don't know what happens, but they always like to say "What Happens at the Cabin, Stays at the Cabin" when they get home. (They're all middle school teachers, I don't think they do anything very incriminating haha). Mom has always wanted a sign with this phrase to hang in the cabin, but none of us were willing to spend money on one (can you tell I come from a frugal family?) So, for her birthday this year, I made her one!
I found this board in our basement (leftover from the previous owner).

I painted it a beige-y color. I did everything by hand, including the wavy boarder and the letters. (I am not lucky enough to have a cutting machine...yet! My Silhouette is in the mail..sooooo excited, thank you Hubby!) Anywho, I had to paint by hand and I think it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself!

I found these little metal dealy-bobs at a craftstore in Northern Wisconsin (where the cabin is located). They were perfect and really added to the sign. I love how it turned out!
My parents are heading up there this weekend to get everything open for the summer, I'll have to get a picture of it in it's new home.

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Plastic Bag Topiary

I wanted to make a topiary, but couldn't bring myself to spend $5 on a foam ball. So, I came up with my own ball. I shoved a bunch of plastic bags into another one and formed a circle shape.

(I like how it says reuse on the side lol).

I put masking tape all around to shape it a little more and give me something to glue to.

I glued moss around it, used a green colored pencil for the stem, and stuffed a thriftstore found planter with newspaper and glued moss to the top. A couple plastic eggs went on top for easter, but I can change out what sits on top so it can be out year round.

So, for pretty much free except for the moss, I have a beautiful topiary!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday!

I am participating at Friend Makin' Monday over at ae filkins blog! Head on over there to join! Here are my answers to this week's Friend Makin' Monday!

1. Favorite things about Spring: The WARM weather! Flip flops, grilling out, yard games, hiking, biking, and sunshine!!

2. What I'm doing for Spring Break: Sadly, I do not get a spring break, but that's okay, maybe next year!

3. Favorite Spring flower: Hydrangeas, I think they are gorgeous!

4. Do you have a garden?

We dug a garden in our backyard last spring. The snow just melted here last week, so I will be starting my seeds inside (hopefully this week) and transplanting them once the ground is completely thawed.

5. If so, what do you grow.

All sorts of stuff! I don't exactly have a green thumb...but last year I grew one (lol) really big pumpkin, some herbs, beans, cucumbers, and flowers. I am going to try again this summer for a more successful turnout!

6. Do you do Spring cleaning? This is my first spring in our house after a winter (we moved in last April 1st). But yes, I have started spring cleaning! I have one bathroom done and the dining room. Now onto the entire rest of the house....

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}
It's okay...in the 50's today, which I think is really warm! Flip flops and no jacket for me! (for those of you in the dark, I live in Minnesota, so yes, 55 degrees is warm!) Nothing blooming or green yet, but the sun is shining, so I can't complain!

8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us!

This was Sunday afternoon, checking out the new Minnesota Twin's baseball field. My hubby got us a 20-game season ticket package for my birthday and we got to be some of the first people to check out the stadium and got to see the view from our seats! It was very nice out that day, hopefully it will stay this nice for when we sit there for 3 hours watching the games!

9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon? Be outdoors! Walk the dogs, hike, bike, grill, I looooove fishing, and even staying inside crafting is fun with all the sunshine coming through my windows!!

10. Favorite TV show right now? I am a sucker for American Idol, Law and Order:SVU, and Criminal Minds. Under Cover Boss is usually pretty good too. But starting in two weeks, I will be watching the Twin's!

Happy Spring!