Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ribbon Board

I made this message board for my the colors I want my kitchen to be. Our kitchen came with dark red walls that I cannot stand. But, we haven't had time to paint, so I will just keep decorating it while pretending it has tannish brown walls instead of dark red. I took this Target dollar section cork board I had lying around and used it to make my message board. The cork was so thin on this thing that push pins went right through. It was pretty useless this way!

I covered it in batting. I used a glue gun to attach everything because my staple gun was too strong to use on this weak board.

I added my teal/turqouise/aqua and brown fabric. I love these two colors together--so much they were our wedding colors! And I have a set of dishes we recieved as wedding gifts that are also these colors. Therefore, I want the kitchen to be a more neutral tan, with maybe a brown accent wall, and NO dark red.

I added some pretty brown and aqua ribbon and wa-la, a beautiful message board!'s hanging in my kitchen against the ugly red wall. I'm hoping my husband's decorating side (ha) won't be able to stand it either and he will be inspired to paint!

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  1. Very pretty. I also love those two colors!

  2. That's so cute - and I love how the ribbons are in a more random pattern and not perfectly spaced.

  3. Very cute!!!
    (found you thru New Friend Friday)

  4. So versitile! So FUN! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like it! It looks great!
    Rebekah {all thingz related}

  6. I love ribbon. So, whenever I can craft with it, it makes me so happy! I love all the fun ribbon YOU used. Super cute!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  7. I love it! I love the fabric you used. :)

  8. Pretty! I love the color of fabric!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party! I really appreciate it!


  9. Great re-do. I love the fabric you picked and the crazy pattern of the ribbon. I haven't seen them done this way. I really like it.